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Tuning the common configuration

This task can be done in the main configuration file "config.xml" which is saved in the folder "com.finecosoft.pay.point/files/configuration/". This file contains several sections containing sets of parameters which are described next.

Number Section  Description
1 Common Main parameters which reflect the main features of the application.
2 Debugging Group of parameters for debugging.
3 Payment Group of parameters to define the payment procedure.
4 ServicePanel Parameters dor tuning GUI component panel of services. If you add a top service panel into your custom GUI theme then the same configuration is used for that one too.
5 SearchServicePanel Set for tuning the GUI container displaying the search results.
5 Server Group of parameters for defining the interaction with an external system.
6 Resources Common resources for use by the system.

Additional information about any parameter in any section can be found in the configuration file itself as a comment per parameter. A sample of configuration file from Khamelios is here.

To overload the file: