We would like to offer Khamelios software as a base solution (for further development of custom applications used in the devices with touch screens). We have done tremendous work with the product which is free and available for a wide range of applications.

As well, there's a release of Khamelios as ATM software or software for payment terminals. This solution can work whether in standalone mode or in interaction with a processing server. In last case, Khamelios product includes a lot of software components which contributes to processing the payment transactions.

Designing and developing the Khamelios solution, we have built agile and extendable architecture in it. The architecture brings great capabilities in the area of tuning and adapting this software. In this way, tuning the product can be performed at several levels:

Level 1. Tuning the product when assembling it from the list of available GUI components

Level 2. Setting the parameters in the service menu

Level 3. Development of extending software modules and adding them to the Khamelios solution

At the first level, user can create custom GUI theme for tuning the Khamelios. GUI theme contains descriptions of screens which are created in runtime, and GUI components which are placed on those screens. You can setup the presentation view of any GUI component and define its location on the screen. Together with Khamelios product, a standard GUI theme comes with a base set of GUI components. You can take this standard theme and develop a custom theme based on it. In this way, custom business logic of the adapted program can be realized. For example, if the payment software is built based on the Khamelios tool then the GUI theme, which was delivered, contains a set of screens which provide creation of a payment transaction, input of the payment parameters, sending the payment documents to processing server (if Khamelios works in client-server environment) and printing a check in the required format (for example, if the payment software works in standalone mode). All available components for including into a GUI theme are described in the Extending GUI User Guide.

At the second level, an administrator can set the desired parameters in the service menu. Particularly, you can setup the interacting devices here, point their communication parameters (the port's number and speed). In detail, the work with service menu is described in the Service Menu User Guide.

At the third level, you can develop new software modules and add them into GUI theme description for use them in runtime. It can be done in case of absence of the required GUI components in the basic GUI theme. We can refer you to the Custom GUI Components Developer's Guide for getting more information about how expand Khamelios in this way.

Khamelios product is able work in standalone mode without server. But if you need, you can use Khamelios in the client-server environment (for example, if you need to deploy and use a distributed e-money system).