Khamelios is built on Java technologies which where originally designed for work with large number of supported platforms. Currently, we provide builds of Khamelios for Windows and Linux, both 32-bit and 64-bit.


You can download Khamelios software from our site for free, setup it in accordance to the published documentation and video materials, and at last, use it for free in any business areas including commercial ones.



Khamelios can be adapted under your requests for adding new capabilities and hardware support to the solution. Follow the documentation and tune software for getting all bisiness goals. Else, contact to us if you need more sofisticated development.



There are builds of Khamelios for many operation systems, such as Windows (32-bit, 64-bit) and Linux (32-bit, 64-bit). Install any number of Open Source operation systems (for example, Ubuntu) to reduce the expenses and use our products there.

Initial screen of a payment terminal

Initial Screen

Sample of initial screen of a payment terminal in the business area of taxi services.

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Additional information about the payment terminal


A simple screen wit additional information which can be helpful for user of the device.

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Screen for input of payment requisites

Payment Data

Screen with a list of fields for for providing the payment requisites by user.

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Putting cash in the payment terminal


Screen where all the information about added cash sum is displayed.

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Blocking the device


Screen that was blocked by administrator in service menu or from server remotely.

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Tuning the device of payment terminal

Service Menu

Service menu where you can select the needed devices and set their parameters.

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Based on Khamelios software, you can get next:

  • Standalone payment terminals used as self service devices in trade
  • Payment terminals within processing systems for purchasing things and services with cash and credit cards
  • Information electronics panels with feedback for use in the tour business
  • Management by electronic queues when getting the services in hospitals, banks, and so on
  • Security systems for monitoring and tracking the environment
  • Marketing devices for displaying diverse statistics and video information
  • Gaming devices
  • Information complexes for organization of public testing and survey
  • Many other ways for use in the devices with typical or sensor screens

Khamelios is a constructor which can be adapted for any hardware with sensor screens. Compatibility with large number of operation systems including optimal operation systems based on Linux results in cost effective way for business organization. We can help you in this direction!

touching screen

You can contact us by Email or phone in accordance to the contact data. We will answer them as faster as possible.