Khamelios product can be configured with a set of special files saved in XML format. Any of these XML files contains either a hierarchy of parameters as a tree (for XML files with static or predefined parameters) or describes rules of building such a structure (for dynamic structure of parameters).

In Khamelios, there are defined next groups of parameters saved in the separate configuration files:

  • common configuration parameters define global behavior of the software
  • GUI theme configuration parameters should be used if you need to setup GUI presentation of the Khamelios product and display the GUI components which you want to have in the working software
  • profile parameters provide capabilities for building a list of services in ATM, vending software and other self-service payment systems.

Any of XML files includes the parameters which you can change for getting desired behavior of Khamelios software. In accordance to XML format, the most of parameters looks like to <Name>Value</Name>, where «Name» is name of the parameter and «Value» is its value. Value can be pointed in diverse type depending on the parameter itself. Look into the detailed documentation for getting more information.

As well, the parameters can be combined into sections. For example, you can create a section like to:


This example is showing a section named «SectionName» which includes two parameters: «Name1» and «Name2». The value of «Name1» is «Value1» and name of «Name2» is «Value2».

Any parameters impact to software when it's started. It means that for activating the updated configuration, you should restart Khamelios. Please, take into account that any failures in the configuration can make the system non-working. We recommends backup the folders of the tool before you change configuration files.

The data for parameters can be saved as text, integer or float value, image or as custom data set. Take a look at next samples of possible data for an abstract parameter with name "Parameter":

<Parameter>Text is here</Parameter>



Image (partially):

Use special software tool XML Image Converter to transform images from an image to XML format and back.

Custom data set depends on the parameter where used. Usually, custom data is an array of simple values (may be even in different types) reflecting diverse features of the same instance. To get more information about a parameter itself, look its comment in the configuration file where the parameter is defined.

When Khamelios is started, it creates workspace (custom folder for temporary data), and loads the parameters from configuration files saved within the software product. Some configuration files can be updated by user and overloaded by the system if the system can find them. To do so, take the origin configuration file from Khamelios, change its XML parameters as you need, and save new file in the workspace with the same relative path as in the base product.