This task can be done in the main configuration file "config.xml" which is saved in the folder "". This file contains several sections containing sets of parameters which are described next.

Number Section  Description
1 Common Main parameters which reflect the main features of the application.
2 Debugging Group of parameters for debugging.
3 Payment Group of parameters to define the payment procedure.
4 ServicePanel Parameters dor tuning GUI component panel of services. If you add a top service panel into your custom GUI theme then the same configuration is used for that one too.
5 SearchServicePanel Set for tuning the GUI container displaying the search results.
5 Server Group of parameters for defining the interaction with an external system.
6 Resources Common resources for use by the system.

Additional information about any parameter in any section can be found in the configuration file itself as a comment per parameter. A sample of configuration file from Khamelios is here.

To overload the file:

  • load it from Khamelios in the way as pointed above
  • dearchive the loaded file to some folder
  • update any of parameters of the configuration file
  • place the updated file into Khamelios workspace folder with relative path "files/configuration/config.xml"